Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching

In addition to teaching group workshops, Samantha delivers one on one classes, specializing in poetry, memoir, fiction, and children’s literature. If you are struggling to start or finish writing your dream project, or if you just want to stay motivated to write regularly, consider hiring Samantha to be your writing coach. Tailored to fit the unique needs of her clients, her writing prompts, deadlines and feedback on written work via Skype provide her students with a healthy level of guidance and accountability.

From start to finish Samantha can assist you in the following ways:

Brainstorming- You wish to write something, but you don’t know where to start, or what to write about. From the ground up, I can talk you through your thought process and give you exercises in order to help you to mine and develop a story that excites you.


Writing Prompts- Writing is a muscle. My arsenal of exercises, appropriate for your skill level and genre of choice, are designed to help you explore new terrain while giving your writing more nuance and definition.


Assigned Readings- As a creative writing educator, I have collected a diverse repertoire of poems, short stories, novels, memoirs and essays that will inform and inspire you on your own creative journey.


Accountability- With my “iron fist and sunny glove” approach, you will hear from me if you miss the deadlines we together set. I also send friendly emails prior to due dates to hear how things are progressing.


Critical Feedback– Once you send me your writings, I go over them sentence by sentence, line by line. Using the ‘comments’ feature, I provide detailed critical feedback with a balance of the work’s merits and challenges, as well as suggestions for revision.


Creative Sessions– Based on your availability, need, and budget we will schedule between one and four conversations per month, during which we can discuss your newest writings, the creative process, assigned readings, and relevant craft elements.


Manuscript Diagnostic- You want a kind, honest, informed and thorough opinion on a completed writing project, as well as suggestions on ways to move forward with it. I will give your manuscript at least two reads and then offer my critical feedback during a two-hour creative consultation.