Teaching Workshops

Teaching Workshops


  • Samantha can facilitate writing and performance workshops in your school, university, community center, and corporate or non-profit space.
  • Her workshops span anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours. Like her performances, her workshops are tailored to the needs of your particular environment.
  • She uses skillful exercises that allow for participants to open up on a rare level of self-examination and transparency.
  • She has the unique capacity to hold a safe container for a wide range of people of different ages, races backgrounds to come together to form a creative sharing community.

Here’s what others are saying:

Samantha Thornhill brought Caribbean sunshine to her performance workshop at the James Madison University’s Furious Flower Poetry Center as she had our students use the essence of colors to stretch the boundaries of their poetic language. Her own performance was not only model, but magic.

– Dr. Joanne Gabbin, Executive Director

I joined Samantha’s workshop knowing very little about poetry. Her three-month class not only taught me the fundamentals, it excited me to the genre-breaking possibilities of persona poetry and allowed me to join an incredibly diverse and vibrant community of writers. I feel more informed not only as a writer, but as a world citizen as a result of what I have learned.

– Joanne Yao, Workshop Participant –

Ms. Thornhill modeled respect and encouragement, never failing to honor the points we made during our analysis by responding with genuine reflections. Her unforgettable warm care in guiding us in reading and writing poems as well as her infectious joy as we shared in dissecting poems and celebrating their internal workings really made the workshop golden.

– Charleen McClure, Workshop Participant –

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